In the vicinity
  of your Casa Roman Italia holiday home

There are a lot of fascinating places to visit, so you can make each day more than one beautiful,
educational or memorable trip.
Too much to visit, too little time ...
You will surely want to come back !

Barcis                   Bibione           Caneva   Cansiglio   Cortina d'Ampezzo
        Motta di Livinza
Fontanafredda   Frassanelle   Lido di Jesolo   Lipica   Motta
Oderzo   Padua   Piancavallo   Piran   Polcenigo
Oderzo   Padua Padova   Piancavallo   Piran   Polcenigo
Pordenone     Treviso   Trieste   Venetië
Pordenone   Postojna   Treviso   Trieste   Venice

Click on the pictures to see what the area has to offer.

- You can kneel in the smallest chapel or the largest Dom.
  You can swim in the Adriatic Sea or in a subtropical paradise.
  You can enjoy a quiet mountain village or a mundane ski resort in the Dolomites.
  You can enjoy a drink at an outdoor café in a nice crowded town in the Po Valley
  or in a small Venetian fishing village. -